ARaymond, "Glocal" company | L'Usine Nouvelle

Дата : 06.23.16 | Категория : Press article

At ARaymond, we don't feel the pressure of time. This family company, created in 1865 from a patent behind the invention of the snap-fastener in 1886, has never "let the short term get in the way", in the words of its president, Antoine Raymond, from the fifth generation of family bosses. The automotive supplier is constantly thinking ahead.  The company plans its twenty-year strategy, "always with the ambition to remain a family company" anchored in Grenoble.

Over recent months, ARaymond has even strengthened its presence in the Isère city, with two new sites. One is in Saint-Égrève, for ARaymondlife, and specialises in tailor-made devices and consumables for the in-vitro diagnosis industry. The other is on Grenoble's Technisud activity zone. It focuses on fluid connection and began production in autumn 2015.

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