Grounding clips: smarter grounding for electrical appliances!

Date : 06.27.17 | Theme : Industrial

While manufacturers don’t have a say on protective-ground connection requirements for a given device, they have more freedom when it comes to choosing how to implement grounding. So why not make the most of it? ARaymond* has come up with a solution to induce real savings and solid benefits by rethinking grounding methods.

The problem with welding

Anyone who’s been on such production line knows this for sure. The traditional way to connect the chassis of an electrical appliance to the electrical ground (screwing, riveting and welding) involves expensive operations. How about we forget the long grounding sequence welded stud + serrated washer + nut + cable with crimp ring terminal?

Our grounding clips

With a single clip designed to fit either studs or panel edges it takes only one part to reach proper grounding requirements. Our ARaymond™ Grounding Clips fix to a panel edge ensuring conductivity between metal panels and electrical wiring by means of one or more connection lugs. Their inner claws penetrate through the surface treatment to ensure conductivity.

Significant cost reduction

The ease of assembly of the tool free clipping systems, their lightness and the high pull off resistance due to the inner claws speak for themselves. They significantly bring down Total Cost of Ownership. How? Through reducing assembly time, logistics, manipulating and increasing assembly quality and ergonomics.


  • Easy&Quick assembly
  • Replacing expensive operations: screwing, riveting and welding
  • Saving time on the production line
  • Reduction of number of parts
  • Standardized references
  • Ergonomics
  • Less tools required
  • Less weight
  • Less logistic costs 

For extra information, please visit our grounding clips page.

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