ARaymond set to expand the Easy Clip family in 2017

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Agriculture

2017 is an exciting year for ARaymond*. In addition to launching the Easy Clip 14mm for cucumber plants, the company will also be debuting a new fastening solution for tomatoes, the Easy Clip 26mm. Bigger than the Easy Clips which are currently available, the Easy Clip 26mm has been specifically designed by the ARaymond R&D team for growers of larger varieties of tomato plant.

“Ideal for use with larger varieties of tomato”

With thousands of different varieties available on the market, large-scale tomato crops are produced all over the world. Traditionally grown outside, today producers are cultivating their plants in greenhouses in order to boost production. Thanks to the recent popularity of larger varieties of tomato amongst consumers, plus changes in production methods which have led to plants producing more fruit, growers are increasingly in need of stronger clips to support their crops. The Easy Clip 26mm with its wider diameter and robust hinge is ideal for use with these larger varieties of tomato, while the ARaymond™ Easy Clip design ensures that their branches aren’t damaged during the growth period.

“Proactive and client-orientated”

ARaymond Manager Miquel Perez explains that ARaymond sees the launch of the new Easy Clip 26mm as a great opportunity to help growers who are progressively producing more kilos of tomatoes per square metre. He adds “Thanks to its sturdy hinge mechanism, the Easy Clip 26mm provides excellent purchase when clipped onto the retention twine used for producing plants in a greenhouse environment. It’s easy to install and produces a discernible clicking noise when attached to the plant to let the grower know it’s properly locked.” Proactive and client-orientated, ARaymond has developed the new clip with input from growers and producers, in order to create a product which is better adapted to their requirements.

“Outstanding quality”

Following its launch, the Easy Clip 26mm will join the other members of the Easy Clip family, a range of fastening solutions which is known throughout the produce sector for its outstanding quality and innovative design.  As with the other Easy Clips, the Easy Clip 26mm is lightweight and slimline, meaning ARaymond can pack more clips to a box. This enables the company to reduce the packaging and shipping costs for growers and distributors, thereby making the Easy Clip 26mm a very competitive product.

Very positive feedback”

Miquel Perez was happy to report that initial feedback from the growers who tested the prototype was very positive. He comments “Following on from the successful trial period, ARaymond will launch full-scale production of this clip in May.” Initially ARaymond will be producing the new Easy Clip 26mm primarily for the South European and Mexican tomato market but hope that growers from other markets will also be interested by this innovative new solution for heavier tomato crops. The new clips will be available in black, white and natural colours and in keeping with their ongoing commitment to the environment, ARaymond also plans to produce a biodegradable version of the new Easy Clip 26mm in the future.

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