Why part reduction entices engineers

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Industrial

Increased strength, higher temperature performance, more versatility or even tool-free: the range of new design features we have developed is large. Among the most commonly requested features is compactness. Of course it can be achieved by reducing the dimensions of a given model, but a valuable solution sometimes also lies in part reduction, by combining several components into one.

From replacing parts and screws  with a single clip to insuring connectivity,  and wire sheath cutting , reducing part numbers is central to successful innovations.

Being able to replace two, five or even more pieces by a single part comes with obvious advantages in terms of increased space. But the solution is also often packed with other benefits including reduction of packaging size, weight reduction, decreased storage space, faster assembly processes, reduction of incorrect assembly, prevention of recalls & rework and more. Overall, it is synonymous with strong savings and significant drops in Total Cost of Ownership.

Whether combining several parts requires a multimaterial design, electronic integration or specific assembly quality features, ARaymond Network* can rely on the strong research and development team of our advanced engineering center to develop innovative designs. 

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** “ARaymond Network” means a network of companies)