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Date : 09.20.18

Project "Made in Isère" > Photographic Exhibition in Voiron with ARaymond

From the 6th to the 28th of October, let’s discover the photographic exhibition “Made in Isère”, taking place in Voiron (Isère, France). Presented by « la Jeune Chambre Economique de l’Isère », the aim of this exhibition is to highlight industrial potential of Isè… [+]

Date : 06.06.18 | Theme : Automotive

Supplier for Car of the year 2018 award for ARaymond Czech Republic

ARaymond Czech Republic received the Supplier for Car of the year 2018 award. The prize is built on driving tests, for 5 nominated cars. It is established on five criteria such as mechanics and technology, driving characteristics, utility value, economy of operation and design. This year with 1141 points, Skoda won the first place, but the as… [+]

Date : 08.24.17 | Theme : Industrial

Закладные гайки: разумная альтернатива резьбовым отверстиям!

Столь простой процесс, как установка панелей, при неправильном подходе может стать источником дополнительных затрат. Наши закладные гайки, которые уже несколько десятилетий делают этот про… [+]

Date : 06.30.17 | Theme : Agriculture

Save time in the greenhouse with ARaymond exciting new free-fall hook options

With demand for tomatoes ever-increasing in the international produce sector, producers are always on the lookout for products which can save both time and labour costs, and increase crop production. In order to meet these demands, ARaymond* has recently launched a new range of options for its family of greenhouse hooks. The new figure 8 and e… [+]

Date : 06.27.17 | Theme : Industrial

Grounding clips: smarter grounding for electrical appliances!

While manufacturers don’t have a say on protective-ground connection requirements for a given device, they have more freedom when it comes to choosing how to implement grounding. So why not make the most of it? ARaymond* has come up with a solution to induce real savings and solid benefits by rethinking grounding methods. The problem with … [+]

Date : 06.07.17 | Theme : Automotive

What will tomorrow’s fuel connectors look like? An example with the FlagLOCK®

OEMs know this for a fact: the more you look at the small parts, the further you can take cost optimization. As this is becoming more obvious, engineers are increasingly paying attention to parts such as fuel connectors. What do they see? That connectors designed differently can make a solid difference, in particular when it comes to assembly quali… [+]